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Kate Bosworth squirts lots while masturbating

Tuesday, March 15th, 2016

Kate Bosworth is not The Horse Whisperer in real life. But from the looks of how wild she is in this video, I bet she can tame any man with some big cock like a horse’s with the way she pleasures herself. Just looking at those hot long legs spread wide apart is making you all feel a sudden bulge inside that pants, yeah? At first she said she doesn’t believe in this squirting thingy until she met some hardcore BFFs in Hollywood who taught her how to do it. The first ever time she succeeded making herself squirt is in this video. Good thing she caught it all on cam because it felt like an achieved goal to her.

Kate Bosworth squirts lots

More like winning an award for a role she played on-screen. Now she’s convinced too that a horny nasty chick like herself can do this on her own or a man who practiced it on their bitches would eventually master the art of poking that G-spot a few times, in mild pressure, until they make those pussies spray on their faces. Kate might look like some naive blondie in need of a tutor when it comes to sex, but this clip tells us a different story. She obviously knows how to handle her cravings for a good time when she’s alone. She’s so determined to show her fuck partners she ain’t some helpless kitty that will just sit back while they do their thing on her.