Kate Bosworth Caught Getting Horny Checking Out Internet Porn

July 16th, 2008 by katie

Now here’s another reason to fall in love with this cute n’ sexy girl next door — she’s into internet porn too, just like you!  And from that big smile on her face as she’s caught in the act, she doesn’t mind if anyone finds out, either, which is definitely the right attitude to have for a sexy babe like her.  It’s internet porn after all, which will drive Kate’s career to new heights, especially with this dirty site showing her at her naughtiest!

Check it out and you’ll be lining up at the box office to see Kate Bosworth’s next film, whatever it may be, just because she’s a hottie who’s always horny, just like you and me.  From the position of her top, you can plainly see that she was playing with her boobies while checking out some hot sites.  Maybe she was even checking out her own dirty pics on the net?  Now that’d be a really kinky thing to do, and I’m sure she’d do it if she knew how much hotter that would make her in everyone’s eyes!