Kate Bosworth Naked

If you’ve got a crush on this “Blue Crush” babe, then welcome to the club.  There are so many reasons to fall in love with Kate Bosworth, and her sexy, natural girl-next-door appearance is just one of them.  Though that may be the main reason we want to see Kate Bosworth naked, this California-born, New England-raised blonde isn’t just pretty, she’s talented too, becoming a champion equestrian by the age of fourteen.  That’s how she landed her first role as a supporting actress in “The Horse Whisperer”.

Since then, she’s appeared in many more movies, with her breakthrough performance coming in the chick surfer flick “Blue Crush”, and her highest-profile role being Superman’s perennial love interest Lois Lane, in the big-budget “Superman Returns” movie of 2006.  Ever since her “The Horse Whisperer” debut, she has been steadily working, doing movies from drama to comedies like “Win A Date With Tad Hamilton”, which have all served to boost her popularity, leading up to her Superman movie role.

That served to really put her in the spotlight, boosting her up all the way to No. 8 on the Maxim magazine Hot 100 List.  And that’s why we have a site like Kate Bosworth Naked.  Because there’s nothing hotter for a horny geek or plain ol’ regular horndog than looking at Superman’s girlfriend with her clothes off, and doing really naughty things that would make any guy a “Man of Steel”!