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Lois Lane Nude Scene In Next Superman Movie?

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Kate Bosworth is looking positively irresistible wearing eyeglasses while she’s naked.  Whether she’s a blonde or a brunette, that sexy body is just sizzling hot, and those glasses add the perfect touch of attractive nerdiness to her beautiful girl-next-door looks.  Now what character would have those same qualities?  Why, someone who can captivate the most powerful superhero in the world of course — Lois Lane!  With sexiness paired with intelligence, that’s a part any actress would kill to play.  But of course, it’s already in the bag for Kate, since she was already cast in it in the last Superman film.  So with the sequel coming in a year or two, what else is there for her to do but maybe stretch the boundaries of the role, and add to the potential raunchiness of the character?  Getting naked with Superman would be a breakthrough that would have every horny geek in the audience creaming in their pants, and there are a lot of them out there.  And even if they protest, they’ll be drowned out by the horsed of other horny guys who’d love to see Kate Bosworth in the buff, whatever role she’s playing!

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Kate Bosworth’s Sexual Fetishes

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Despite growing up in prim and proper New England, we think Kate still has that California spirit in her, and so we’re not surprised to see that she’s very experimental and open-minded when it comes to her carnal desires.  First off we see that Kate Bosworth likes to play with toys — big, hard toys that go between her legs.  Now that’s only natural, and a woman should use every tool available to help her reach orgasm whenever she feels like it, don’t you think?  Whether that tool is made of flesh, or rubber or plastic should be entirely up to her.  We’re not surprised to see that this super girl likes her dildos super big, either!

And showing off her softer side, we can also see that Kate Bosworth likes to have some lesbian lovin’ now and then.  I guess shooting with all those hot girls like Sanoe Lake and Michelle Rodriguez in “Blue Crush” has given her a taste for the sexy ladies.  We definitely encourage that kind of behavior, just as long as they let us watch!

And then we finally see what really gets Kate Bosworth to cum hard, and that’s a dirty threesome, with two hard dicks vying for her attention.  With those warm fuckrods pressed against her face like that, I’m betting it’s only a moment before she loses control and starts sucking on those meat popsicles like crazy.  And then she’ll have to figure out which hole to stick them in later, but she’s a smart girl who knows what she wants, so you can be sure she’ll put them in the most pleasurable places possible…

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Kate Bosworth Starts Posing Naked

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

It seems that Kate Bosworth’s interest in internet porn (see previous post) has finally made her take the next logical step, and that’s bare her tight, sexy body for us.  As these sexy pictures show, Kate Bosworth naked is a sizzling sight for your eyes, and doing this kind of thing for her fans is the best thing a celebrity can do to show their appreciation for those who’ve supported their career and made them into the Hollywood stars that they are.

There’s nothing wrong with showing your naked body, especially if you’ve got one as hot as Kate’s, and more celebrities should realize that and start taking their clothes off for the cameras.  Stripping down like this shows people that Kate Bosworth is an open-minded human being who isn’t afraid to express her sexuality, and that’s the kind of Hollywood chick we all love.  Her slender body was mesmerizing to watch in “Blue Crush”, and now that it isn’t covered by a bikini, we can all really appreciate those tight, lean curves the way they should be appreciated.  And is it just me, or have her boobs gotten bigger?

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Kate Bosworth Caught Getting Horny Checking Out Internet Porn

Wednesday, July 16th, 2008

Now here’s another reason to fall in love with this cute n’ sexy girl next door — she’s into internet porn too, just like you!  And from that big smile on her face as she’s caught in the act, she doesn’t mind if anyone finds out, either, which is definitely the right attitude to have for a sexy babe like her.  It’s internet porn after all, which will drive Kate’s career to new heights, especially with this dirty site showing her at her naughtiest!

Check it out and you’ll be lining up at the box office to see Kate Bosworth’s next film, whatever it may be, just because she’s a hottie who’s always horny, just like you and me.  From the position of her top, you can plainly see that she was playing with her boobies while checking out some hot sites.  Maybe she was even checking out her own dirty pics on the net?  Now that’d be a really kinky thing to do, and I’m sure she’d do it if she knew how much hotter that would make her in everyone’s eyes!